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Majorca recipes  

Majorca recipes are really original

Best known for its big, hearty stews and curries embellished with spices, coconut milk and hot peppers, Majorca recipes, as all Caribbean food are made to be shared.

West Indian and Majorca recipes also have its own strong traditions. The best of it is delicious, with a good use of Majorca fresh fish and the exceptional spices and fruits.

In general Majorca receipes generate unexpectedly heavy food, with stews accompanied by a volley of starchy vegetables, so you might find that the weekly buffet is enough.


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Majorca recipes for all

If you are staying in a villa in which there is a cook, she or he may be happy to show you how to cook some local dishes based on Majorca recipes.

On the other hand, once you’re familiar with the basics of Majorca recipes, Majorca cooking becomes easy, no matter where you are.

Finding a place to taste the Majorca recipes with ambiance it’s quite easy, since most restaurants have a unique local color, but you can also find places with a more international look.



Other about Majorca  


Majorca recipes - something new for your family?

Majorcan cuisine is meticulous, ancient and exquisite, combining its ingredients with surprising creativity. Pork and vegetables are the staple foods, and the local folk show a special inclination for mixing sweet and savoury ingredients in meat and fish dishes that are very typical of Mediterranean cuisine. In Majorca, the most popular dishes are soups. These soups can be liquid, with fish or meat, yet the truly Majorcan ones are thick, dry, almost requiring a knife and a fork. They are made with vegetables, cabbage, bread slices soaked in broth, paprika, tomatoes, garlic, etc. Although Paella is not an actual Mallorcan dish but available everywhere, there are all sorts of Paella including; paella ciega, which means blind man's paella and comes without bones! The local equivalent is arros brat - 'dirty rice', which is saffron rice cooked with chicken, pork and vegetables. Fish is mostly imported and frozen - restaurants have to state this - but lobster, prawns, sardines and sea bass are all good. Sea Bass that is baked in rock salt, is a Mallorcan speciality. Desserts are not Mallorca's strong point - often the choice is between Ice cream which is - helado and creme caramel - flan. An alternative is almond cake, which is served with toasted almond ice-cream - gato de almendras. Mallorcans are very proud of ensaimadas, fluffy, spiral-shaped pastries dusted with sugar and filled with anything from pumpkin jam to sobrasada sausage; the secret ingredient is said to be the lard in the pastry. Cheeses include Mahon from Menorca and Manchego from central Spain as well as local varieties. The flavours of Majorcan cuisine are mainly Spanish and traditional restaurants specialise in tapas, paella, sobrosada and Sangria. The local Majorcan dishes make full use of delicious local almonds, olives, walnuts, and the local tomato called Ramallet which is native to the island. As in all Balearic cooking, fish is the predominant ingredient. The tourist influx has had a profound influence on the range of restaurants to be found in Majorca and the main resorts offer English, Chinese, Italian and Indian as well as traditional Spanish cuisine. Even the smartest restaurants on the island now serve rustic local dishes as many tire of so-called international cuisine. The ultra-traditional pa amb oli (bread and oil) comes in many forms, either simply served as local bread doused in oil or served with toppings such as ham, chorizo or local cheese. Many tapas bars, meanwhile, serve frito mallorquin, a tasty mixture of fried vegetables, potatoes, meat and herbs.



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